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Image by Harrison Broadbent


Raspberry Pi is an affordable, credit card sized computer that can be plugged into a TV or computer monitor, and it uses a standard keyboard and a mouse. It is a small device used that allows people of all age groups to experiment with computing and to learn programming in languages such as Python and Scratch. It is able do what you would expect your desktop computer to do, like browsing the internet, playing high quality videos and playing games.


Raspberry Pi also is capable of interacting with the outside world and it's been used in a variety of digital maker projects such as music machine, parent detectors and weather stations. It also provides low-cos and high-performance computers that people can use people use to learn and solve problems.


Raspberry Pi is a fully functional, general purpose computer, with a Linux operating system, and has the ability to run numerous programs at the same time. 

Hardware: Raspberry Pi hardware has evolved through the several versions that feature in memory capacity & peripheral-device support.

Performance: While operating at 700 MHz by default, the first generation Raspberry Pi provided a real-world performance roughly equivalent to 0.041 GFLOPS. On the CPU level the performance is similar to a 300 MHz Pentium II of 1997–99. 

Peripherals: Although often pre-configured to operate as a headless computer, the Raspberry Pi may also be operated with any generic USB computer keyboard and mouse. 

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