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Branded Marketing Games

Dive into a playful experience where your audience not only connects with your brand or event but has an absolute blast doing it! 🎮✨From brand activation games to branded video games, we specialize in crafting engaging experiences that elevate your brand. Explore our collection of branded mini-games and interactive HTML5 games designed to make your marketing initiatives not only effective but also enjoyable. Transform your brand presence with our unique fusion of gaming and marketing expertise.

brand game

Types of brand marketing games :

If you are looking for interactive games for your event/business, let us assist you. We provide :

- Custom Design Game

- Custom Game Programing / Development

- Game hosting

- Body tracking (Kinect / Azure) game development

- HTML5 Game 

- Augmented Reality Game

Interactive Brand Games

Unleash the thrill of gaming in Singapore with our custom brand game program service! Elevate your brand and events with a splash of interactivity through personalized marketing games

Steps to create a brand game

- Brand game idea conceptualization 

- Game storyboarding

- Custom game design

- Game programming

- Game UAT

- Game Launch

brand games marketing
branded mini games

kinect / azure Game 

When creativity meets technology the choices are unlimited with kinect and azure game programing. Use body movements to interact with games in a virtual world. 

We provide :

- Azure game programing

- Kinect Game programing

- Body tracking 

- Custom game programing

- Game design

- Storyboarding

azure game programing
kinect game programing

Spin and Win Game

Spice up your event to a whole new level with our spin and win , jackpot , lucky draw game.

Types of games :

- Lucky draw game

- Spin and win game

- Jackpot

Game customization options :

- Winner and losers odds

- Random winner

- Riggable winner and losers list

lucky draw game
jackpot game

Choose from the game designs below or you could tell us your concept, we will build for you!

branded mini game
brand game singapore
marketing games
marketing games singapore
games in marketing singapore
mobile games marketing campaign example

Interested in finding out more? Then hurry and contact us!

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