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Ball Pit Rental

ball pit balls



Amount Of Balls *


Type Of



Large Ball Pit Mat

4m by 2.5m by 0.5m(H)  

8,000 balls

 Cushion wall, Cushion stair, cushion play 

Giant Ball Pit Mat

5m by 4m by 0.5m(H)  

15,000 balls

 Cushion wall, Cushion stair, cushion play 

Mega Ball PIt (Blue Inflatable Pit)


12m by 6m by 0.6m(H)

38,000 balls

Inflatable wall, cushion stairs, cushion play 

Balls Rental


Rainbow Balls (min 1000 balls) 

    7cm plastic rainbow balls

Led Ball Pit *

Custom Size

8,000 - 38,000 led Balls

 Cushion Wall , Cushion Play

at active interactions Singapore we have the most colorful ball pits rental services in Singapore,ball pits are perfect for kids birthday party's as they jump in and get lost in a sea of rainbow  colored balls,the fun is not restricted to kids alone,we also have adult ball pits for rent.our inflatable ball pits are brought to your location before your events and are set up.

for specific color of balls, please contact us directly to check for ball availability.

* For Led Ball pit Please Contact us directly.

* All balls are sterilized, wash and clean before delivery of every event.


Ball Pit Rental

Need a ball pit for your child’s birthday party, a carnival or an event? Here’s your solution with our ball pit rental. We have small ball pits to big ball pits available for event rental and carnival rental. We are able to rent our ball pits anywhere in Singapore just let us know the location and how small or big ball pit you want and we will rent it to you. We have different types of ball pits as well as different types of balls to choose from. So do take a look at our ball pit cataloge and choose from our many choices of ball pits for rental.

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