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Ball Pit Rental 

ball pit balls

Planning a kids' party or carnival in Singapore? Elevate the fun with a colorful ball pit rental! Explore various sizes and options, including the option to rent a ball pit with a slide or go for a giant ball pit. Reserve your ball pool now for an unforgettable experience.



Amount Of Balls *


Type Of



Large Ball Pit Mat

4m by 2.5m by 0.5m(H)  

8,000 balls

 Cushion wall, Cushion stair, cushion play 

Giant Ball Pit Mat

5m by 4m by 0.5m(H)  

15,000 balls

 Cushion wall, Cushion stair, cushion play 

Mega Ball PIt (Blue Inflatable Pit)


12m by 6m by 0.6m(H)

38,000 balls

Inflatable wall, cushion stairs, cushion play 

Balls Rental


Rainbow Balls (min 1000 balls) 

    7cm plastic rainbow balls

Led Ball Pit *

Custom Size

8,000 - 38,000 led Balls

 Cushion Wall , Cushion Play

Rent a ball pit for your upcoming event or your kids' birthday party in Singapore! Choose from various sizes and options, including giant ball pits and ball pools, to ensure endless fun. Reserve your affordable ball pit rental now and add excitement to the celebration with the perfect combination of a slide and a fantastic ball pit experience.

Colors of balls is up for selection, please contact us directly to check for ball availability.

* For Led Ball Pit's measurement, please contact us directly.

* All balls are sterilized, washed and cleaned before delivery of every event.

Why rent Ball Pits from us?

​1. A colourful variety for you to choose from 

Experience fun tailored to your needs by discovering the ideal ball pit for your kids' party or carnival in Singapore. Whether it's a lively celebration or a special occasion, our diverse range of choices includes ball pits with slides, ensuring there's something suitable for all ages.

2. Affordable Cheap Rates

Enjoy budget-friendly joy as we value your time and strive to make our rental charges pocket-friendly. Let memories be about the soulful experience, not the strain on your wallet. Renting from us ensures you can concentrate on fully enjoying your occasion without worrying about excessive costs.

3. Reliable and always on time!

Our process is easy and stress-free, offering another reason to choose us for your ball pit rental needs. From booking to delivery and pickup, we handle it all, allowing you to focus on maximizing the enjoyment of your event. So, whether it's a giant ball pit, ball pool, or a simple ball pit rental, we've got you covered for a memorable and hassle-free experience.

4. Clean and Sanitized!

We have always prioritize our customers' safety and comfort, so you can dive into the pool of ball pit fun without any concerns. Our ball pits are thoroughly cleaned with our foam machine before each use, just for you!

Our Ball Pits

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