Custom Made Solutions

Trying to capture Millennials?

Finding it difficult for Millennials to integrate with your brand / event?

Let us know of your event / brand activation, let us come out with a winning proposal to win over the Millennials. 

Using traditional methods to capture Millennials will not work. They think, act and feel differently.

Using technology and interactive media, we will assist you in winning over them today!

Customisable Content

Demo Jackpot (Brand: Pringles)

Speak to us. Tell us your outrageous idea, we will build to your idea. We have also 100 over branded mini game to choose from. 

What we can do?

1) Fully customise and design a game base on your brand or event.

2) Gamification for your social media page.

Jackpot (Brand: HotStar)

Smile Activated Vending 

STEP 1: Stand close to the machine so that the camera can detect you

STEP 2: Smile as wide as you can to reach the end of the meter

STEP 3: Hold your smile for 3SECS

STEP 4: Enter email to receive picture taken *(optional)

STEP 5:  Machine to be able to dispense out a prize as well *(optional)

* Design & concept can be changed accrodingly to your event and requirement.


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