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Carnival Box Game Set

Tic Tac Toe

An old school game that is easy to play but difficult to win without the proper tactics


A family friendly game for all


Throw the ball at the mittens and win a prize 

Coin Toss

toss the coins on the targets and win some prizes 

Egg Nest Toss

Toss the eggs into the basket without it breaking 


Try your best to hit the bullseye to win the different prizes 

Ring Toss

Simply toss the rings into the rods and win prizes

Finish The Race

compete against other people and see who has the fastest car to win the race 


Put the balls through the hoop simple as that

Shoot The Alien

shoot the aliens down to save the earth!

Airplane Throw

See who can throw their paper planes the furthest and be crowned the winner

Balloon Dart

Do your best to pop the balloon with a dart with precision 

Feed The Clown

Feed the clown and get him full to win the prize

Milk Can Toss

do your best to knock down milk cans of different levels


Do your best to get the bullseye using darts

Match the color

Match all the colored doors to win

Shoot The Duck

Shoot all the ducks to win the prize

Shoot The Target

Shoot all the targets to win a prize 

* Game Stalls: $120/stall (min 3 stalls)


* Small prizes: $0.80/pc (min 100pc)

* Manpower: $40/2 hours, $20/subsequent hour

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