Claw Machine Rental

Claw Machine for rent

Play Mode :

Free Play Mode, Difficulty Setting, Claw Strength Setting,Number of token to play

Coin Operated : Yes

Led lighting : Yes

Optional :

1) Full Machine Wrap

2) Capsule Ball Rental

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Why you need to rent our claw machine for your next up coming event?

When planning your event or birthday party you should create an atmosphere that is exciting for all of your guests. Whether it's a birthday party for adults,children birthday party's, Corporate Event, it is the "Extras" that make your party more unique and fun. You can incorporate ideas that match your theme or colors and even paste your customized stickers on our machines. It's the claw catcher, that can help set the mood with so many prizes to win.


It helps create a fun and exciting atmosphere for your party guests. If your guests have fun with your initial entertainment then you have succeeded in setting the mood for the rest of your party. Let us make that happen for you.

This claw machine for rent is suitable for all sorts of event. 

We can also customize or brand this claw catcher to suit your event.with Attractive claw catcher rates for anyone who is looking to rent. We have more than 10 Claw catchers for rent!


Led Claw Machine Rental with custom decal

Our Led Claw Machine comes in various colors.  Rent a claw machine with Led and request that we wrap it for you or custom brand it for you. At active Interactions we will surely provide you with our best service and standards. Not only we provide claw claw machine for rent, we still also provide the best service that you can find.

Sticker service on Arcade Claw machine

Your event not only need a claw machine but also a beautiful sticker wrapped claw machine. We provide on site sticker service for claw machines for different shapes and sizes. Our price starts from as low as $180 if you rent your claw machine with us. Our in house designer is professionally trained to provide the best claw machine sticker wrap design which will be custom designed to fit your event.

Claw machine rental singapore

Placing a claw machine at your event is a new and innovative way to draw crowds. Not only does it take up very little space, it give you the chance to engage with your customers. Engaging your customers is a top priority for every business. The claw machine provide a fun side to the overall engagement with your customers.

Even if you are thinking of setting the claw machine to sure win mode, it still gives that extra hype that users are always craving for. Not only does it add that extra fun to the process of rewarding, it gives the customer a new sense of belonging, something every brand aim to have.

In Singapore, renting a claw machine is easy as 1 ,2 ,3. You do not need any extra or special licensing  for your promotional or marketing campaign. But still we would encourage our customers to still exercise due diligence when renting a claw machine in Singapore.

Cheap claw catcher for rent

If you count the cost of renting this claw machine to the cost of fabricating a game booth or game props, you will realize that the cost of renting a claw catcher is cheaper and better than the other options. The claw catcher is able to draw large crowds and serve high volume of customers without delay and is sure that it be a great crowd drawer. If you look at past events that we have done, you will realize that having a claw catcher at your event is a sure win for you and your brand.

From far the led claw machine will be able to draw large crowds attention and draw the curious eye to your event. Even if they do not get a chance to play the machine you will be sure that there will be crowd as the claw catcher draws curious eyes to the event.

The best claw machine rental can be found here! so call us today and let us know how we can serve you better! 

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Capsule Ball Machine 

Play Mode :

- -1 Token Per turn

- -Holds up to 4000 capsule balls

-Biggest Capsule ball machine in Singapore

2.1m Tall

Optional : Full Machine Wrap

at active interactions we have the largest capsule ball vending machine in Singapore with the capacity of over 4000 balls. capsule ball vending machines were built to entertain your guests and keep them busy are considered activities. Activities are used to keep your guests entertained during your events and birthday party. They can be provided as an alternative form of entertainment during the main party if your guests need a break from the dance floor or shopping. capsule ball vending machine can provide another form of entertainment if you have some shy kids that don't want to dance.

Lucky Draw Machine

Play Mode :

Draw 1 - 6 ball at a go.

Number of balls to draw setting

Optional : Full Machine Wrap'

Generate excitement at your next event by renting our lucky draw/lottery machine in Singapore.the lucky draw machine is perfect for generating more traffic and engaging visitors with the excitement of winning a prize,this is a great game for brand activation events.

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