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Carnival Food Stalls for Rent

Corn Cup

Delicious Corned cup perfect for any event.

Malt Candy

For those with a sweet tooth this would be perfect for you

Shaved Ice 

A cooling dessert to have on any hot day at the carnival.

TuTu Kueh

A old school Singapore favorite 



Best Finger food to have fills you up and makes you wanting to come back for another one 


Delicious with many different sauces for you to choose from and dip your churro into

Muah Chee

All that nutty goodness another classic to have and a Singapore favorite 


A perfect snack to have on any occasion

Ding Ding Candy

A tasty sweet food that will satisfy your sweet tooth without fail

Dragon Beard Candy

Ever wanted to know what a dragon tastes like try the dragon beard!

Ice Popsicle 

For hot days at the carnival it comes with different flavors for you to choose from

Nacho Cheese

A crowd favorite nachos and its cheesy dip and guacmole that will satisfy anyone 

Biscuit Stall

A light snack for when you are enjoying your rides at the carnival

Kacang Puteh

A light snack pick and choose your combination of foods 

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