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Experiential marketing also called'engagement marketing',event marketing,on-ground marketing,live marketing,participation marketing or special events marketing.

this type of marketing uses a strategy that directly engages customers, encourages and invites to participate in the evolution or a brand experience.Rather than looking at consumers as a passive receivers of messages,experiential marketers believe that consumers should be actively involved in the production and co'-creation of marketing programs,developing a relationship with the brand.

Consumer engagement is when a brand a consumer connects.According to brad nierenberg,experiential marketing is the life,one on one interactions that allows customers to create connections with brands.

this type of marketing implements a strategy that involves hand on involvement of customers in real life business situation.


Using experiential marketing to promote your business can offer customers a more pleasurable experience with your products or services creating a more loyal fan-base in the process.these loyal customers lead to lifelong sales and can increase your companies revenue into the future

[2]with experiential marketing brands can emphasize key values and qualities by showing or offering something consumers otherwise do not have access to.this can range from a simple but effective idea,of an interactive vending machine to the very advance stunt that red bull did with the red bull stratos jump,breaking through the sound barrier by a free fall stunt.

[3]a well executed experiential marketing campaign can foster direct sales and also online and offline engagement,resulting in increased brand awareness and longer term sales increase.

A great experiential campaign is not easy to compose,as it needs to cover brand value es,consumer interest and have a critical wow factor while also being legitimately appealing and engaging.effective experiential marketing campaigns takes great creative juice and vision to come up wit,and requires impeccable precision to execute.but if done well it can give a big boost to retailers of different calibers here in Singapore team is dedicated and driving to bring about a new age in experiential marketing in Singapore and the us today our ideas are the break you need in sales.

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