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Retail Sales Secrets


Engaged customers are more likely to spend more,they are more likely to try new products and they make good marketers for products.this is why it is important to infuse customer oriented ideas into your enterprise e.g a company that sells automobiles want to increase their sales?And this company goes ahead and does a promo of buy 5 and get a free lottery ticket to win (a trip to a resort,free car servicing for three months )e.t.c This marketing idea is not customer oriented and will not offer customers the right amount of motivation to spend more money or any money at all . It is impossible to know why customers are stuck or are not interested without the right customer interactive tools.

WHAT ARE CUSTOMER INTERACTIVE TOOLS?. An interactive tool is a way to increase engagement with a target audience by allowing them to interact with the page itself. For example, a medical information website may offer an interactive food calculator to help users track food intake and exercise. Using this type of interactive tool helps to develop brand loyalty and return visitors. If the interactive tool has a partner-paid product, there is a greater chance of conversion to the paid tool if the user has a positive experience with the free too.Another example of an interactive tool is the spin the wheel set up by Active interactions for Benefits cosmetics Singapore for their bad gal mascara launch.spin the wheel and win for example the bad gal mascara,a makeover,a bronzer pallette and so on (insert spin the wheel video here) there is the customers awareness that even though i am spending i can win some products extra. You can even add terms and conditions like buy products worth $20 and get coins to spin the wheel of makeup fortune.A customer that originally wants to spend $15 dollars will consider adding the extra $5 because of the possibility of Winning a gift worth $30.

CONVERSION OF PROSPECT TO CUSTOMER. why do i need a Camry instead of a Mercedes ,ford or Hyundai?I am content with my 1998 Toyota corolla it works well,hardly has any problems and it takes me where i need to go.These are some of the restricting factors that stop a prospective customer from purchasing,why do i need a brow pomade from benefit cosmetics instead of using my old brow pencil?

The augmented reality brow meter another customer engagement tool by ACTIVE INTERACTIONS shows how different types of brow will look on the face and the best brow for all face shapes.this interactive tool will direct customers in making a decision to buy the prow pomade and try something new,that is less hassle and more results.

WHY DOES MY BUISNESS NEED CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT TOOLS? with the introduction of online shopping,retailers have experienced and all time low patronage in singapore,customer engagement tools helps bring individuals out of thier houses to you, The world has gone digital,and technology has made business marketing way easier than the use of hand bills or fliers.with the right customer interactive tools your company/business can improve sales,get more returning customers,convert prospective customers to customers .For customer interactive tools,for events planning in Singapore and environs and custom made games and applications contact us by clicking this link(, and phone +65-91697979) our team is dedicated to meeting your needs and making your company dreams a reality.

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