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Interactive Vending Machines

Interactive Vending Works For Every Event

From Dinner and Dance, Birthday Party, School Fairs, Carnivals, Corporate Events to Product Launch. We can carter different types of Branded Mini game to Social data collections. 

Interactive Vending Solution

Ultra Slim Vending

jackpot interactive vending machine
interactive vending machine
spin the wheel vending machine

Want to make your customer walk away with lots of fun and engaging experience? Allow fellow users to place brand near to them as it enables them to bring something home. Hence, expect to see a smile or two along with some plus points to your brand!

Social Marketing Campaign

Customisable Content

Social Media campaign is another method to boost your status in social media, actively doing social media campaign allows you to have strong present in social media and market. Let our solution do the work for you!

Speak to us. Tell us your outrageous idea and we will build it! We too have over 100 branded mini games to choose from!

How does it work?

Step 1: Select a mini Game / Custom make a mini game for your event

Step 2: Tell us how you want your winners to win

Step 3: Let us know who wins what prize and when do they win

Step 4:  We will link it up to the vending machine and now you have your own custom prize reward game machine!!!!


Instagram Vending

How does it work?

1) Get your guest to take a photo with your brand, event, product or even your shop 


2) Upload their picture with a specific #hashtag and a tag line


3) Get them to locate their post on our Instagram vending machine


4) After selecting their picture, a prize will drop frop the machine. (*optional prize dropping)

*Use for data collection and boost your social media presence!

If you need a Facebook vending machine do drop us an email we be happy to show you our Facebook vending machine =)

* Design & concept can be changed accrodingly to your event and requirement.

instagram and facebook logo.jpg

Custom Made game 


Vending Machine

How does it work?

1)Let us make you a game for your event! or choose a pre made game

2)Let us know how you want people to win or how is the game played.

3) let us know who gets a prize and who do not. 

4) Sit back , relax, and see the machine in action! 

* Design & concept can be changed accrodingly to your event and requirement.

spin the wheel vending machine
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